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'MSME Connect' To Link Small Units And PSUs

New Delhi: Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) keen on marketing their products to the Public Sector Units now have an online tool to reach out to their prospective customers. Apart from helping them connect with the customers, it will facilitate information sharing with regard to the requirements of the PSUs and the capabilities of the MSMEs.

The MSME Development Institute (MSME DI) launched a web tool in Chennai on Thursday that will match the product line of the enterprises with the requirements of the PSUs and send alerts to the MSMEs.

S.M. Jamkhandi, director of MSME DI in Chennai, told The Hindu that a website www.msmeconnect.com was launched on Thursday. MSMEs can register the products (components and spare parts) that they make on the website.

The PSUs can also list their requirements. Each category of component registered on the website will be allotted a code. The web tool will match the codes of the components specified by the buyers and the sellers and send text message to the MSMEs.

This will enable the MSMEs to get in touch with the PSU and follow-up on the requirement. The MSME DI expects 200 MSMEs to register on the website in a couple of months and about 10 PSUs in four or five months. The tool has been developed by the Institute and soon the MSMEs can start updating the data from their units, he said.

The Institute is also identifying new industrial verticals for its cluster programmes. MSMEs in critical sectors such as defence related and disaster management systems manufacturing can be developed through cluster projects. Tamil Nadu has the potential for an aerospace systems manufacturing cluster, he said.