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Ministry Of Food Processing Plans To Set Up Ecommerce Dept.

Siraj Hussain, Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, announced it at an International Conference on India Farm 2 Fork 2014 under aegis of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry

New Delhi: The Ministry of Food Processing Industries on Friday has announced plans to set up of a full fledged e-commerce counter in one of the administrative blocks of the central government to facilitate induction of corporates entities for e-commerce retailing in food processing sector, especially in its non-perishable segment under control of a Joint Secretary level officer.

As soon as the proposed consultations were over, the Ministry would forward its recommendations to the Finance Ministry, incorporating with them the tax concessions and incentives required to promote the agri and horti sector so that some of them are reflected in the Budget proposals for fiscal 2015-16, said Hussain.

He also added that the Ministry is working out on a separate GST regime for the food, agri and horticulture products in consultation with its all stakeholders in government and non-governmental sector.

Elaborating on its suggestion for creation of e-commerce department, Hussain said, “Currently there is no such a thing with the government though e-commerce activities have begun to flourish in other sectors barring food processing in which corporate entry has yet to happen for e-commerce trade for processed food’s retailing especially in its non-perishable segment. This issue needs to be taken up by leading Chambers of Commerce and Industry such as PHD Chamber so that a proposed department is created to facilitate e-commerce activities in processed food retailing”.

The Minister of State for Agriculture, Sanjeev Kumar Balyan who while inaugurating the conference said, “the government is working on a comprehensive national insurance policy for agriculture sector to shield the farming community against all mis-fortune of their post harvest losses relating to all food and grain products including the damage of crops on account of attacks from pests and other such elements”.

Balyan, however, did not indicate by when the proposed policy would be unveiled but alluded that its salient features be rolled out in the forthcoming budget in which the focus would be for accelerated agri and horticulture production as well as increased yield of food grains including fruit and vegetables also.