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'Manufacturing In India Is The Biggest Challenge'

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Rajiv Bapna, Founder and Director, Amkette shares his views on the challenges in the Indian market.

Amkette, has been creating revolutionary products for its customers since 1986 and has established itself as a Indian technological pioneer. It has been a rather long time and the company has managed to see itself throufh some of the rough and tough periods.

Excerpts from the interview

What was the idea behind Amkette?

Amkette was started in 1986. I was working with another company and at that certain period I had some entrepreneurial bug that's I decided to give it a try. It was primarily one of the first tech ventures in country. We began our business with personal storage devices, but dream was to build a tech driven company in India.  Gradually Amkette became a leading player in Digital Audio and Multimedia space.

What was the initial investment made and what was the source?

We made an investment of around Rs. 12 crore at that time and the investment was made from the funding available from my own sources.

As an entrepreneur, what Challenges you faced in you initial days?

India cannot be considered as one country while selling a product, because each state has its own different needs. Manufacturing in India has been a biggest challenge these days. Initially we faced a challenge of being pioneer in sales and distribution. We had to create an infrastructure for selling products through proper distribution channel and create a better customer support for our consumers.

What tips would you give to the small entrepreneurs?

Be patient in the market and just stick to selling your products in the Indian market. The Indian consumer responds very slowly, but your business will surely grow at a later stage. So just try to attract consumers as much you can.

How much is Research and Development important in Indian Industry?

Research and development is becoming very important in the current scenario. Amkette has always been creating revolutionary products for its customers since its inception and has established itself as an Indian technovator. We believe in R&D and customer feedback. Every Amkette product undergoes a lot of testing and research before it is launched in the market.

How much of your revenue comes from ecommerce market?

Our 15% of the revenue comes from the commerce market. We have been in touch with almost all of the commerce sites for selling of our products and they are really helping us in growing the business.