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LED Floodlights 101

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Lighting has been a crucial part of our lives since Edison’s light bulb came into existence. The lighting industry has seen significant innovations and is evolving quickly with the rise in technology.

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs are a rapidly advancing technology that uses energy more efficiently when compared to conventional lighting solutions. An environmentally friendly lighting solution, LEDs comprise of the small, but powerful source of lights that illuminates when electrons move through semiconductor materials.

Flood lights are powerful lights which emit a broad beam and are used to provide an enormous amount of non-natural light to an area. They are called flood lights because they literally flood an area with high-intensity beams. LED floodlights are energy efficient and have a higher lumen per watt output than other conventional lighting systems. They are used for several purposes and make up for a range of lighting techniques. 


Why choose LED Flood Lights?

High Lumen Output

The brightness of a light source is measured in lumens, the higher the lumen, the brighter the light source. The high lumen output of LEDs makes them a perfect use case for flood lights. Since flood lights are primarily employed in areas where high intensity is required, LEDs make for an excellent choice.

Energy Efficient and Maintenance Free

LEDs have revolutionized energy-efficient lighting, and they are one of most competent lighting solutions available in the market today. Equipped with the latest technology, LED luminaires are designed to provide high efficacy and display superior performance. They have a high lumen output and produce more light per wattage of power used. This results in better illumination and less usage of power.

Thermal Management

LED luminaires are equipped with an active thermal management system which minimizes the heat produced within the equipment. LED Floodlights like the Alpha LED | LF19 by Wipro are specially designed with efficient thermal management which ensures long service life and delivers a consistent performance.

Environment Friendly

LEDs are free from toxic elements like mercury, lead, and glass. Using these luminaires ensures a reduced carbon footprint which is a step forward towards safeguarding the environment.

Applications of LED Floodlights

Façade Lighting

The type of illumination that highlights and enhances the principal façades of a building vis-à-vis logo of a company, textures, and surfaces. Floodlights can be successfully utilized for this type of lighting technique.

Column Lighting

A lighting technique where floodlights are used to light ‘columns’ of a building. It is usually done to highlight the architectural beauty of a building.


Ports are open 24x7, and they require intense illumination at night for various purposes. LED Floodlights provide excellent lighting and are a preferred choice as lighting solutions for ports. The safety of workers, the movement of containers vis-à-vis uploading and unloading requires lighting to be adequate. LED Floodlights like the Revo LED | LF07 by Wipro are designed with a high-efficiency chip on board that provides a high lumen output which is ideal for industrial outdoors.


Monuments are enhanced by using various lighting techniques like wall-washing and accenting. LED Floodlights have a precise broad beam of light which is optimum for lighting building of architectural importance.

Manufacturing Plants, Industries, and Construction Sites

Industrial workers need optimum lighting, especially in plants which run 24x7. Since manufacturing facilities utilize outside space for several processes, it becomes imperative for these plants to use adequate lighting. LED Floodlights are excellent lighting solutions because of their lumen output. Using these luminaires increases the safety of the workers and minimizes errors.

There are several recognized reasons why using LED luminaires have the upper hand when it comes to lighting solutions. LED floodlights are the future of flood lighting solutions. They have a longer life and are more energy efficient. The users of LED flood lights will only pay for a modest maintenance and replacement costs. By using LEDs, people will contribute to the environment because these luminaires are free from mercury, lead and carbon emissions. LED Floodlights by top manufacturers like Wipro have high ingress protection (IP66) and unaffected by weather and temperature changes thus providing excellent performance.

LED Floodlights are great for security and working outside. In addition to being energy efficient, they also have a high lumen per watt output which ensures intense illumination at lower power bills. LED luminaires also have a longer life and are built to last. They are also free from hazardous chemicals like mercury, lead and glass which makes them environmentally friendly. Industries, manufacturing facilities, and ports must switch to LED flood lights to reap such benefits.