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Google India bets big on SMEs moving to the cloud

Global technology leader Google India today announced new affordable pricing for Google Apps for Business, with the aim of making it easier for small businesses in India to reap the benefits of working in the cloud. New and existing customers based in India will now pay INR 150 per user per month if they are on the flexible plan, and INR 1500 per user per year on the annual plan; a 45 per cent reduction on the previous price.

The power of the web to help small businesses goes beyond having a website or using advertising solutions. It also gives them access to secure and flexible cloud based communication and collaboration tools like Google Apps for Business.

Google Apps offers easy solutions for web mail, calendars, cloud storage, and video meetings through Google’s consumer products, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Hangouts. These tools work together seamlessly, and all that is needed is an Internet-connected device. Companies can securely access all their data and services from a mobile phone including Android, iOS, or BlackBerry platforms.

Ricky Kapur, Director of Enterprise Sales, Asia said, “India is home to around 47 million small businesses, yet only 1 per cent of these businesses are online. We hope that by making Google Apps more affordable, more small businesses in India will be able to move to the cloud and access a business-ready package of communication and collaboration tools.”

With a 99.9 per cent availability guarantee, zero scheduled downtime and 24/7 support, Google Apps, offers businesses security and support while removing the need to manage hardware, security updates or software patches. Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Slides now also work well offline.

Many businesses in India are already experiencing the benefits of working in the cloud with Google Apps. Karan Doshi, IT commercial head and project manager, Nilkamal explains, “The move has resulted in productive work, rather than server maintenance. With Google Apps, we have a feature-rich solution that comes with the added benefits of improved reliability and reduced IT maintenance and costs.”