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Entertainment groups cash in on wedding season

Entertainment groups across north India are sweating it, because of the ongoing wedding season in that part of the country. Such groups earn a majority of their annual income during this period, according to managers of various entertainment groups.

These companies provide entertainment programs - including dance, comedy and singing performances - during wedding ceremonies. The price of such entertainment programs for one ceremony ranges from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakhs.

“This is peak season for us. We have advance bookings for almost every day during this season, which starts from October and continues till the end of December. Sometimes, we have two or three bookings a day for the same group. We make the most of this time,” says Dalip Singh, manager of an entertainment group.

“Most of our customers belong to the middle class and the elite section of society. It has become a trend to have entertainment programs in weddings, and an increasing number of people approach us regularly to add attractiveness to the wedding ceremony in their families. We have always got a good response to our programs, and have even got some bookings for marriages in January,” says another entertainer, Rakesh Bhagat.

“We offer variety to the guests present in the marriage ceremonies, and are always much appreciated for this. Especially, the relatives of the grooms are very happy to see the grand welcome given to them by our group,” says Deepti Sharma, a member of an entertainment group.

“We get over 100 orders in one season. These days, people do not hesitate to spend some extra money to add a special attraction to their big fat wedding, and we also serve them with the best,” says Sharma.