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Digital Transformation Increases Adoption Of Start-up Technologies: Study

Banking, retail, and healthcare are the top adopters of start-up technologies based on their growth potential, willingness to adopt start-up solutions, and availability of such complex solutions locally, a recent report has said.

“Driven by optimisation, banking, retail and healthcare are three sectors which have emerged as the biggest adopters of the enterprise technology solutions,” the Ecosystem Report on Enterprise Ready Start-ups 2016 released by Microsoft Accelerator said.

A big push towards digital transformation amongst enterprises is leading to increasing adoption of start-up technologies, it explained. The Ecosystem report provides insights into how this enterprise-startup partnership has evolved in last few years, underlining the value of collaboration and building the start-up ecosystem.

It showcases the top 151 enterprise ready start-ups in India and the 10 sectors that have demonstrated momentous growth. “We are happy to note that Indian enterprises are looking at start-ups for innovative solutions and expertise for their Digital Transformation in India,” said Ravi Narayan, Global Director, Microsoft Accelerator.

Data Sciences and Security start-ups find it easiest to find customers driven by the broad base of customers and sectors that these start-ups can address natively, it added. It also said start-ups catering to banking sector find it easiest to raise funds.

“India already has a billion mobile phone users, as well as a billion citizens with active bank accounts that are linked to their digital identities by way of Aadhaar. The tremendous scope of opportunity these start-ups can leverage is one of the key reasons these start-ups are successful in attracting funding,” said the report.

The exercise was restricted to a pool of over 500 enterprise focused start-ups that were founded post 2000 and are headquartered in India.