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Beam encourages Rajasthan women to become Micro-entrepreneurs

Beam, India’s pioneer mobile wallet and marketplace is empowering educated and unemployed women of Rajasthan, by employing them as Beam Sahayaks.

Beam Sahayaks serve the customers by providing Beam services in the neighborhood, society or colony where they live. With a mobile in her hand, Beam Sahayak, can not only transact for herself, but also supplements her family income.

“Beam’s mission inter alia is to provide self-employment opportunities to educated unemployed youth, particularly women to supplement their income. We provide self-employment prospects to the women with the opportunity to become micro entrepreneurs. We train and recruit women to make them self – reliant by providing various Beam Services in their neighborhood from the comfort of their homes,” said Anand Shrivastav, CMD, Beam.

The proportion of unemployed is highest for the age group of 20-24 in India. Amongst them, the number of educated women in rural areas is the highest. The social stigma attached to women working is yet to be eradicated. 

Recognizing this anomaly, Beam as a part of its endeavor of empowerment, recruits, trains and promotes these women. Beam provides multi-lingual support and also promotes the Sahayaks with local advertising and promotion as well as listing them on its website for ease in locating by prospective customers. Using Beam, Sahayak can promote herself, her shop and can offer attractive schemes as well.


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