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‘SME Konnect’ Lowers Risks for SMEs

Prateek N. Kumar, CEO, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions, talks about the company's SME focus and their cloud-based offering, SME Konnect.

How much is SME sector important for your business?

We understand that the SME sector has a lot of potential. We have a dedicated cloud-based offering for this segment called “SME Konnect” to foster the development of an entrepreneurial culture and a competitive SME sector. We partner with SMEs and act as a marketing and sales arm for them.

How much is the penetration of these services among SMEs?

Our SME business has been growing rapidly. Their key areas of focus include funding, expansion and cash flows. What NeoNiche and other organizations like ours have been able to do is to take on their burden of sales and marketing, increase their reach and optimize their sales pipeline. Currently our SME offering accounts for 20 percent of our business and is growing year on year.

How does ‘SME Konnect’ help SMEs?

The “SME Konnect” Offering works on basic cost of operation and profit sharing model. By doing this we take care that our SME clients are not burdened by huge budget constraints and every initiative pays for itself. Under this initiative, our SME clients get robust communication campaigns for their target audience across different geographies. It helps them reach out to a large audience and create focused loyalty programs for their existing client base. I also adds a professional approach to their sales pipeline creation.

How much revenue does your company generate from the SME sector?

The revenue from this sector is currently at 20% but what we can say this is going to grow year on year.

What is unique about your offering? Why should an SME take your product?

We have segmented SMEs and their unique needs in 3 categories - For SMEs operating in metro cities where the penetration of technology is easier we already have a “Cost plus profit" model in place; for SMEs operating out of Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities we are working on other models like Focused Geography, Product Segmentation and Retainer models.