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Nine signs that you love your start-up

You have started a small business of your own. You have a wonderful business idea, and plan for your business to grow and succeed. At the same time, you have low periods, when everything seems to go wrong, and you wonder whether you did the right thing by starting your own venture.

SupportBiz lists nine revealing signs that indicate that you really love your start-up, and that you should not give up on it.

1.     You enjoy doing what you do.

Enjoying what you do is a sure sign that you love your work. If you love your start-up, you will love working on your products/services, and enjoy every moment of your work day. You will not need to find an escape at the end of a work day, but return home fulfilled and happy.

2.     You are excited about tomorrow.

If you love your start-up, you will be excited about coming in to work each day. You will finish each day with a list of jobs to be done the next day, and look forward to doing them. There will not be a day when you dread working.

3.     Time flies.

When you enjoy every moment of your work day, you hardly notice that time has flown by. You hardly look at the clock, and when you do, you are surprised to note that so much time has passed by.

4.     You love talking about work.

Another sure sign that you love your start-up is that you love talking about your work. You like discussing work with your colleagues, friends and relatives, and are enthusiastic about it.

5.     You are at your creative best.

When you love what you do, creativity flows. Your creativity is at its best when you are in love with your start-up. You think up creative ideas for the improvement of your products/services, creative ways to do things and to meet existing challenges.

6.     You cannot imagine being anywhere else.

You are too busy doing a number of things at work, too busy learning and growing, to even think of anything else. If you cannot imagine being at any other place than your start-up, it is a sure sign that you love it.

7.     You feel fulfilled.

If you love what you are doing, you will feel fulfilled at the end of each work day. You will give your best to each day, and be glad about it.

8.     You are hopeful.

In spite of the ups and downs that running a start-up entails, you feel an overall sense of hopefulness about your future. You are determined to do what it takes to make your business a success.

9.     Your lexicon is positive.

A person who loves his/her start-up will have a very positive approach to it. His/her lexicon will contain more positivity than negativity. For instance, he/she will think of the things he/she would get to try out, rather than think that he/she would have to do those things.