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Home Cleaning Startup Mr.Homecare Optimistic About Its Growth

Home & office cleaning, pest control, interior painting & car care are the services provided by Mr. Homecare
Launched in March 2015 as a pure consumer facing B2C home services company, Mr. Homecare functions as a supplier to the current B2C home services aggregators. It offers deep cleaning, pest control & car care through online and offline bookings. It was started by two brothers Sahil Vora and Rushabh Vora. In conversation with Supportbiz, Rushabh Vora, co-founder & Director, Mr. Homecare, shares his experiences of starting the company. 
SB: How and where did the idea of Mr. Homecare originate?
Rushabh: Sahil and I started SILA, a facility and project management company, in 2010. Our facility management business caters to clients primarily in the commercial, hospitality, & industrial sectors. In the residential sector, we traditionally serviced common areas of buildings, never entered homes.
Late in 2014, we heard of companies like Handy.com that were successfully operating a B2C services business in the West. We were confident of being able to replicate it given our existing domain expertise in service delivery. We used our learnings from SILA’s B2B facility management business and decided to launch Mr. Homecare in 2015.
SB: How does Mr. Homecare work?
Rushabh: Our customers come either through one of our channel partners or organically through our website. Our primary services include home & office cleaning, pest control, interior painting, & car care. Customers that typically want to book services like deep cleaning, pest control & car care can call our booking line, book online, or book via our partners. For services such as interior painting and large deep cleaning, shampooing, marble polishing jobs, we often carry out a survey at the client’s premises before confirming bookings. Depending on the scope of work, a professional delivery team will go in and service the client
SB: Where do you want to see the company in 2020?
Rushabh: Five years is a long time, however we want to scale into a profitable home services provider with the highest market share in the home services space.
SB: What are the key points a customer must know while approaching to Mr. Homecare for services?
Rushabh: Mr. Homecare is being built by young leaders with extensive experience building companies in the reale estate sector. Our teams are responsive and accountable. We strive to communicate that we’re committed to a professional and trustworthy service experience. Thanks to our expertise in Facility Management - thorough attention is paid to the training processes and background verification. Active feedback is sought to improve service delivery - it also helps us design and customise SLAs and SOPs. Only industrial grade equipment and standard cleaning solutions are used to ensure results that delight.
SB: How challenging is it convince your clients about the services?
Rushabh: The awareness about the on-demand home services space is increasing month on month. It is a lot easier to convince clients to book a deep cleaning or a painting service today that it was a year ago because customers, especially in the metros, are now realizing that they have organized & dependable service providers to call on now. We have a very high customer retention rate, hence the challenge usually is only in closing the first booking
SB: How is the response for a new concept like Mr. Homecare?
Rushabh: Response has been encouraging and heart warming. Our belief that the urban population with less time seeks professional hassle free services has been validated. At the same time, our patrons are willing to work with young businesses and give us opportunities to learn from our mistakes. The most popular offerings include home cleaning, office cleaning, painting and pest control.
SB:What are your business policies?
Rushabh:The policies focus on safety and trust. We ensure background checks and training to our staff to deliver a smooth & safe service. All Communications and Operations revolve around significant trust in every customer.