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'The aspect of employee motivation cannot be overlooked'

From the perspective of an entrepreneur, it is extremely important to have motivated set of employees. A well directed effort towards motivating employees can enable them to do a better job and achieve much better results for the employer.

It often gets difficult for the entrepreneur to continuously think about motivational tips for his employees, instead of developing business. But there are some smart entrepreneurs who think out of the box and always consider motivation for his employees as a priority aspect for the business.

A well directed effort towards motivating employees can enable them to do a better job and achieve much better results for the employer. Although, the main priority for any business must have to remain focused on getting better business growth and better profitability for the business. But, the aspect of motivation for employees cannot be overruled. So the best way to motivate employees is to include this in the business operations.

While acknowledging the utility of employee motivation, Corporate Motivator and Life Style Specialist- Rakesh Kumar, director of Refinement said, “One thing has to remembered all the time that more harm can be done by criticizing the employees than by over-praising employees.”

While adding on the topic of Motivation for employees, Kumar also mentioned, “We are witnessing issues and challenges in employee retention, performance output. A motivated employee or rather I should say motivated individual will be free from the regular problems related to work and his personal life as well. Business owners must have to create a ecosystem which has motivation as a key component for his or her business operations.”

Here are a few pointers that an entrepreneur should consider while drafting the business operations strategy.

  1. Know Your Teammates

Entrepreneurs should have a clear understanding of the employee’s background. Information about their family, their social circle can always be very handy. If possible try to interact with the employees on personal front.

  1. Setting Good Examples, Sharing Your Experience

Creating the right awareness about yourself, as the business head, among the employees will always result positively in motivating the employees. In this, entrepreneur should share his background information, how he reached to a level where he is standing. This will impact very positively on the employee and he will certainly feel motivated to work with person who has experienced all colours of business.

  1. Use Smarter Targets and Short Term Goals

It is important to convey the goals and targets to the employees. This will create a transparent mechanism, which always helps in streamlining the efforts. The goals should be specific, measurable and realistic.grow

  1. Delegate authority, Empowering the Employees

An entrepreneur is the sole in-charge of the business, he should be focused on the ultimate bottom line. Giving an open hand to the employees will always help in getting maximised results.

  1. Establishing a reward system

A transparent reward system is always an ultimate motivational fruit for the employees. There has to be incentivized approach in getting quality from the efforts been made by the employees.

  1. Acknowledging the efforts

Acknowledging the efforts made by the team is far more positive activity than recognizing one star performer from the team.

Although the star performer should get his share of incentives as per the reward system but it is important for the entrepreneur to recognise the efforts which are been made by those who did not bought such results as the star performer got for the company.

  1. Setting standards of success

Once success is achieved, don not hesitate to celebrate. This celebration could be the stepping stone of next level growth strategy. A motivated employee is a valuable asset for the company.

The use of motivation has to be clear in the mind of an entrepreneur who has reached to a level where he is witnessing the value of team building for his business.