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Three tips to keep your staff competitive

Keeping your staff motivated at all times is not an easy task. A staff with high morale that delivers its best, both in times of pressure and otherwise, is an asset worth retaining. SupportBiz presents three simple tips to keep your employees motivated and competitive at all times.
  1. Encourage ambition

Encourage ambition among your employees, and foster a culture of ambition in your organisation. Make your employees accountable for fixing ambitious goals for themselves, and encourage them to declare the same in meetings with other teams or other members from the same team. This not only breeds accountability among your employees, but also makes your staff more motivated and competitive. Your work culture becomes transparent, as employees from different teams pitch in to help each staff member achieve his/her goals. Give personal encouragement to each staff member in achieving his/her goals.

  1. Provide feedback

It is crucial to provide periodic feedback to your employees on the work done by them. Tell them how their work measures up to the best in the organisation, and how their efforts have been helping your business. It is a good idea to provide feedback to your employees once every quarter. This will make them aware of the mistakes they are making and their strengths, encouraging them to do better constantly, and make them more competitive. If possible, provide training to your employees to improve on their weak points.

  1. Offer rewards

You should offer suitable rewards to the employees who deliver the best performance in your organisation periodically. These rewards can be monetary or non-monetary in nature. They will motivate your top performers, at the same time offering other employees a chance to put in their best efforts and stand a chance at winning these rewards. Rewards are a kind of positive feedback from the management, indicating that it values the performance of these employees, and are almost always appreciated.