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Four tips to create a great organisational culture

Your organisational culture determines the way your employees feel about your firm, and how happy they are working with you. It also determines the way outsiders perceive your firm. However, the conscious building of an organisational culture is largely ignored by entrepreneurs.

SupportBiz presents five tips to build a great organisational culture.

Encourage politeness and respect

Encourage your employees to treat each other with politeness and respect, even during stressful situations. Lead by example, and show your employees how they can be courteous and respectful. Ensure that you communicate to your employees that disrespect and impolite behaviour will not be tolerated in your firm.

Be professional

As much as it is important to be friendly with your employees, it is crucial to have a professional outlook too. Do socialise and talk freely with your employees, but ensure that you do not blur the boundaries between professionalism and friendliness. Let your dressing sense and conduct reflect that you are the boss, and will not tolerate anyone taking undue advantage of your friendliness. You may be close to your team members, but you should still be able to hold each one of them accountable for their work and behaviour, and responsible towards achieving great results.

Develop a teamwork mentality

Ensure that you build an attitude of teamwork among your employees. Help your employees collaborate across teams to get work done efficiently. Be receptive to the views and ideas of your employees. Encourage teamwork by incentivising employees who readily help others and resolve work conflicts. Have team events periodically, where your employees can bond with each other and understand each other better.

Hire the right employees

Make sure that you have a clear picture of the attributes a person must have to fit in with your organisational culture. Make a list of these attributes, and consider them before you hire any candidate for your firm. Employ only those candidates who have the major behavioural and professional standards you expect, without compromising on them.