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Mumbai hosts Nasscom’s India Leadership Summit


Nasscom's India Leadership Summit, held on Feb 14-16 in Mumbai, had several international delegates, looking for investments from Indian firms. Eastern Poland, IDA Ireland, Germany Trade and Invest were among the many international companies present at the summit.

In efforts to draw investments to his country, Barry O’Leary, CEO of IDA Ireland said: “Ireland is a politically stable country with a multi-lingual workforce and has a thriving innovation culture. It offers a 12.5 per cent corporate tax, which is the lowest in the world. The ease of doing business is the key factor that differentiates it from other countries.”

New Zealand was also represented, talking about the robust ICT infrastructure providing a strong value proposition to companies looking to set up shop in the country. Key investment opportunities include development centres, call centres, ICT infrastructure like data centres and innovative start-ups.

Most of the international companies, present at the summit were targeting investments from mid-sized companies with growth potential.

O’Leary said: “We are also looking at attracting investments from second tier companies of size USD100 million to USD750 million and young emerging companies of less than USD40 million in size.”

The head of a mid-sized Indian IT firm expressed concerns over global economic uncertainties. He said that the Indian firms were unsure about taking the step to invest in international FDI agencies. The Indian firms looked more hopeful about investments in emerging countries, reported The Hindu Business Line