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Industry and govt will drive India's growth: Rahul Gandhi

The annual general meeting of the CII this year witnessed great action. The enthusiasm on the faces of veterans from the business community was well visible when Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of the Indian National Congress (INC) presented his address.

Gandhi  stayed focused on Indian business issues and trends, and  persuaded entrepreneurs  to do  innovative work with dedication.

The 42-year-old Congress leader urged the Indian industry to adopt smart interventions for an overall and sustainable societal development. He also emphasized that Indian entrepreneurs must focus on bringing out qualitative changes in the lifestyles of common man and to propel ideations which can further spur inclusive growth.

Giving a political flavour to his  speech, Gandhi urged the Indian industry,  entrepreneurs in particular, to partner with the government in all its developmental activities. “The society wants an intense involvement of industry in infrastructural development and education. These efforts will result into overall growth.  Harmony and development pre-supposes development of all and exclusion of none. The industry must reach out comprehensively to every socio-economic segment of the country. This includes dalits, minorities, deprived people, destitutes and women. All the important parts of our societal structure must be linked together for achieving growth.”

Industry veteran Adi Godrej, President, CII, welcomed the young leader.  This was  his first appearance in any business-related forum after becoming the Vice President of the Indian National Congress. Godrej said, “The industry was looking forward to have pro-active policy initiatives from the government. Areas like GST, fast-tracking large infrastructure projects and balanced land acquisition policy  need pro-active support from  key policy makers.”

Highlighting the aspect of skill development, Godrej said, “Indian industry and Indian youth need to come on  a single platform. From the perspective of both, skill development and employability factor  is very crucial. At CII, we have taken an initiative - ‘Young Indians’, to groom  the youth to make them employable and self-occupied. Programmes like this deserve to get guidance from youth icons like Rahul Gandhi.”

S Gopalakrishnan, designated President of CII, expressed his intent to support the government’s initiatives and programmes to build a growth-oriented culture in the country. He said, “As a partner in progress, CII will  continue to deliver pro-active support to  nation-building tasks. The government is making efforts, and we, at the industry level, are open  to extending our participation. This joint effort will bring a great change for the benefit of the country’s growth.”