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Argentina invites Indian farmers to purchase land

Argentina has invited farmers from India to purchase land in the Pampas and cultivate it.

Argentinian Ambassador Ernesto C. Alvarez, who met Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda in New Delhi Monday, suggested that India and Argentina could be partners in farming.

"Farmers from India could purchase land in the La Pampa area of Argentina, which is quite economical. They could cultivate it and bring back the produce. The Government of Argentina will help in the matter of irrigation, energy, credit and it would also be tax free," Alvarez told Hooda at the meeting, a spokesman of the Haryana government said in Chandigarh on Monday.

"Farmers for this purpose can form a cooperative unit. They can visit Argentina and see the land," the ambassador said.

He invited Hooda to come and see the land himself. Hooda said he will come with some farmers.

Alvarez also mentioned about the silos being manufactured in Argentina, which can be set up anywhere for the purpose of storing food grains.